New Moshlings to come soon according to Buster Bumblechops!

New Moshlings Header

Yo monsters,

Recently on the Moshi Monsters Wiki, Buster Bumblechops came on the chat to tell us that new Moshlings are coming! He was very brief on the subject, but he did say it!

  • Buster Bumblechops
  • More Moshlings are coming on the way ,  very soon in fact!

This account has been proven real by the fact they came on and said Peeps would come, and then the next day Peeps did come. Make sure to follow PepperSupreme on Twitter , and visit her room on Moshi!

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Post all thoughts and comments below!




Moshi 3D iOS app OUT NOW!

Hey monsters, icon-moshimonsters

Incredebooks, a company that specialises in augmented reality books & applications have made an iOS app based on Moshi Monsters!

Their apps work by scanning an image which can be found in a physical book, and when scanned you colour the image and when your done, your image comes to life!

The physical book mentioned above, is only available in the USA, so I am unable to get my hands on a copy, but if I do, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

There are a total of over fifty icons, 48 of which can be found only in the book, four which must be purchased within the app, but one totally free ready for use! Below is the said icon:

icon-moshimonsters-katsumasample   And once coloured, (thanks Mariojoe11 (blog; room), it can look like this: Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 18.05.52   And then, once you scan that, you’ll see something similar to this (once again, thanks Mariojoe11): Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 18.06.07 This is pretty awesome looking! The colours are based off Joe’s monster, Riolu, who is based off a Pokémon! There has been a book similar to this released about Music Stars, and it included four discs which could be scanned on a PC or Mac, and I actually have that one!

What do you think of this new app? Was it what you were expecting? Comment below with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!


“New Moshi Monsters app coming soon” according to Mr. Moshi

Hey monsters,

While reading my Twitter feed as I usually do, I spotted a tweet from Mr. Moshi to one of my close friends, PepperSupreme (monkeysnoring71 on Moshi Monsters). Pepper has asked the Moshi Monsters account as well as Mr. Moshi’s account if there was something up that may be preventing the updates, and thankfully, Mr. Moshi replied with some great news.

Before I talk about my thoughts on this tweet, I’m really glad that staff are interacting with players on their own personal accounts, as sometimes staff would just take to the main game Twitter to speak.

“New Moshi Monsters app coming soon”

I’m really excited for this, as previous spinoffs apps have really impressed me, including Moshi Monsters Village, Moshi Karts (and all the follow-up merchandise) and Moshling Rescue!. Since there haven’t been any major updates in-game this year I’m not sure what this app will be based off, probably Moshlings like most other titles, but only time will tell.

“…more Moshi content planned for PopJam.”

When I read the first four words of this, I got so hyped, but then the last two words appeared and then all those feelings suddenly disappeared. PopJam is a good app, don’t get me wrong, but I was so looking forward to hearing about a new mission, or a new Moshling maybe, or even a new big feature for the game, but then “for PopJam”. PopJam has channels for multiple big talking points, Moshi Monsters being one but it is not very well run. For example, a previous post by the channel (which can only be posted on by Mind Candy staff) said “Have you got Posy yet?”, and as most of you know Posy is unreleased. When I heard about this I was actually shocked that they didn’t even know that Posy was yet to be released. Although I wish that the game itself would be updated, I’m hoping for something big from the Moshi PopJam channel.

What are your thoughts on this tweet? Are you excited for the new app or updates to the Moshi PopJam channel? Post all your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!


OUT NOW: Food Factory Merchandise and More!

Hey monsters!

Recently, an AWESOME new line of merchandise was released in the UK! The theme of this line, is the FOOD FACTORY! This merchandise line includes PLAYSETS AND FIGURES! 

I don’t have any myself, but luckily some of my friends do, and one of them wrote a review for me!

The Food Factory range was an amazing start for 2015, the figures had so much detail and even the packaging for the blind bags and blisters was great too. The ice scream van was definitely the best product offering hours of endless fun for kids. The Cool Collection and Moshlings Gone Wild offered new variants for our favourite Moshlings and came in the literally best packaging. The candy floss spinner was a let down and a waste of money, sure you get a figure, but it’s impossible to open and all it does is spin, I also I don’t like it’s packaging, same goes for the van’s, it has little no effort put into it and isn’t very appealing.

Carwyn (budeyboy5000)

Without further ado, let’s get to the playsets.

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MOSHI MONSTERS MAGAZINE: Subscriptions Discontinued

Hey monsters,

As you have probably noticed already, we haven’t been posting lately. Although it is mostly our fault, it is not entirely. Mind Candy have been putting LOTS of work into their apps, hopefully it will be worth it!

Moshi_Monsters_Magazine_logoBack to the matter at hand, it is believed that SkyJack (the people who publish the Moshi Magazine) made the decision to stop subscriptions, but it may have been Mind Candy. The reason for this sudden stop to subscriptions is the increasing price of Royal Mail postage. An email from SkyJack Publishing proves this. Read below for more.

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EXCLUSIVE: Moshi Monsters Topsy Turvy Animation

Topsy Turvy Animation

Hey monsters,

I come to you today with a really big exclusive, none other than Topsy Turvy’s animation. In case you don’t know, Topsy Turvy is a Moshling that was first spotted in the Moshi Monsters Magazine.

Right now, I don’t have access to his sound file, but his animation is super cool! Do you like it? Do you LURVE Topsy Turvy? When do you think they’ll be released? Post your opinions below!


EXCLUSIVE: Moshi Monsters King Toot Animation

King Toot Animation Heading

Hey monsters,

I come to you today with a really big exclusive, none other than King Toot’s animation. In case you don’t know, King Toot is one of the runner ups from the first Design a Moshling contest that was held back in 2012.

Personally, I don’t like the sound that goes with the animation, but the artwork is real good. Come back soon for other Moshlings’ animations including Topsy Turvy the Tardy Timer! What do you think of this animation? When do you think King Toot will be released into our zoos? Post your opinions of this super cool Moshlings below!

MOSHI MONSTERS: Series 11 Figures Out Now!



Hi everyone,

As most of you probably know Lukey’s Moshi Site have participated in the Series 11 Countdown, courtesy of Vivid Toys & Games. Here is a group shot of all 16 Moshlings.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 23.40.11


We have a header to suit the occasion, it shows all of the Moshlings’ in game designs. Also, to enter to win a chance to be a Moshi Toymaker Apprentice head to Free the Moshlings and play the game for your chance to win.

EXCLUSIVE: How to obtain Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana on Moshi Monsters

New Moshlings HeaderHey monsters,

Today I have a combination for the all-new moshling, Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana, but first of all here is some info about him!

  • NAME: Linton
  • SPECIES: Mollycoddled Manamana
  • RARITY: Rare
  • NUMBER: 044
  • PERSONALITY: Pampered, apprehensive, pedantic.
  • LIKES: Gooberry-flavored milk and mini cookies.
  • DISLIKES: Short sleeves and visiting the doctor.
  • HABITAT: You can find Mollycoddled Manamanas in the rockpools of Spoddy Sands, but you might see the odd Mollycoddled Manamana looking for its mummy on.

Sadly, Linton can only be obtained by members because his combination requires three Crazy Daisies. Here is his combination.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 14.38.37

Here is Linton’s animation –


I hope you can get Linton! I plan on having a 7 Day Membership Contest soon! Enjoy Linton!

EXCLUSIVE: How to obtain Pops the Crazy Kernel on Moshi Monsters

New Moshlings Header


Hey monsters,

Today I have a code for the all-new moshling, Pops the Crazy Kernel, but first of all here is some info about him!

  • NAME: Pops
  • SPECIES: Crazy Kernel
  • RARITY: Rare
  • NUMBER: 210
  • LIKES: Salt and Popty-Pings (Micro Dave)
  • DISLIKES: Noisy wrappers and being squished into carpets
  • HABITAT: Crazy Kernels love star spotting in Moshi movie theatres but they mostly hang out in stripy cardboard houses on Corny Corner near the Moshi Fun Park.

Now, first of all the seed you get for Pops if called the Bop Corn seed, and here is what it looks like.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 21.00.56


Now, to get the Bop Corn seed, you type in the code…

Pops Code

Plant the Bop Corn seed with any two others and wait 6 hours (or 3 for members) and then Pops will come! Woo! Here is Pops’ animation.


I hope you enjoy the code! Have you got Pops yet? Post your comments below! Credit to Mariojoe11 for this!